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All About Learning Teachers Resource

About us:

Since 2002, All About Learning, Inc has been one of the nation’s leading providers of enrichment classes geared toward teaching the principles of engineering with the use of our customized LEGO kits. We use our own curriculum to provide fun, affordable and quality enrichment opportunities for children ranging in grades 1st-8th.


Children`s Enrichment Instructor:

We and our Education Partners are looking for excited and enthusiastic people with a genuine love for teaching children to facilitate our in-school and after-school hands-on classes. You will use our advanced and unique materials to teach students grades K-8 essential Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) skills through the construction of vehicles, structures, tools and other projects. We require you to be versatile in your approach and able to work in a variety of environmental and cultural conditions. This is a contract position with AAL.

If you are a certified teacher, or an experienced Elementary teacher, then please use the following link to apply: